Joe TerribleOwner / Nutritionist

Joe grew up in the desert country of Tucson, Arizona where he earned his bachelors in Agriculture. Upon entering the University of Arizona, he began to work at the university’s research dairy farm operated by renowned dairy farmers Steve and Nancy Faber. While at the farm, Joe learned all aspects of a day to day dairy operation. He also was able to participate and experience all aspects of the research side from heat stress to transition cow management. Prior to graduation, Joe accepted an internship with Cargill Animal Nutrition where he was later employed upon graduation in 1997. Joe spent seven years with Cargill as a field dairy nutritionist when, in 2004, he went to work with Western Milling as a dairy nutritionist. During his stint at Western, Joe earned his masters in Agriculture Economics from Purdue. In 2010, Joe and Tyler created Alpha Dairy Consulting and partnered with Nick later that year. Joe is an avid reader, who enjoys backpacking and spending time with his family.

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