Joe TerribleOwner / Nutritionist

Joe, originally from Tucson, AZ, found his passion for agriculture during his time at the University of Arizona, earning a bachelor’s degree while immersing himself in the university’s research dairy farm under the mentorship of esteemed dairy farmers, Steve and Nancy Faber. His experiences there exposed him to the intricate workings of daily dairy operations and comprehensive research facets, from managing heat stress to overseeing transition cow protocols.

Upon graduating in 1997, Joe embarked on a career journey, starting as an intern at Cargill Animal Nutrition, where he later became a field dairy nutritionist. After seven fulfilling years, he transitioned to Western Milling in 2004, concurrently pursuing his master’s in Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. In 2010, fueled by his expertise and vision, Joe co-founded Alpha Dairy Consulting alongside Tyler, welcoming Nick into the partnership later that same year.

Having resided in Visalia, CA, since 1998, Joe has become deeply involved in the dairy nutrition sphere, contributing his wealth of knowledge and practical skills to various organizations. Beyond his professional endeavors, Joe finds solace in indulging his hobbies, such as hiking, running, and tinkering with his 69′ VW Bug, a beloved but admittedly costly passion. He cherishes moments spent with his family and nourishes his mind through extensive reading.

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